From ‘Make love not war’ to ‘My other car is an Uber’: Times have changed, but bumper stickers rock on

From ‘Make love not war’ to ‘My other car is an Uber’: Times have changed, but bumper stickers rock on

Bumper stickers are woven into the fabric of US life, communicating everything from political statements to support of a local sports team. As the election and events season heats up, now is a great time to re-energize your customers about the many uses of bumper stickers.

Inspire them, and they will come
In this contentious political year, advocacy and condemnation offer obvious messaging opportunities. Ability to digitally print removable, full-color and weather-resistant custom bumper stickers cost-effectively and quickly in a wide range of shapes, sizes and looks on a variety of substrates makes this an attractive on-the-fly buy.

Put another way, if your customer can imagine it—we can deliver it.

Removable Custom Bumper Stickers are key
Motivate your customers by giving them ideas for using the venerable bumper sticker use and placement. Besides bumpers, they can adorn binders, folders, walls, desks, musical instrument cases, light poles, even wallets…pretty much anywhere something will stick.

Also key is “portability” and easy disposal with removable bumper stickers for transfer or trashing after the election or event. Here are some “discussion points” to address with customers to get them further engaged and excited about ordering custom bumper stickers:

  • What stock should I specify for my use? Based on your application, choose from permanent, removable or static bumper stickers.
  • How long does removable stick? Removable bumper stickers can be removed up to six months after application.
  • What sizes can I get? We offer a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs.
  • What about clings for autos? We offer a large variety of static cling labels, perfect for the auto industry.
  • Are there special inks for bumper stickers? We offer spot or full-color bumper stickers, printed on weather-resistant stocks.

Why order Customized Bumper Stickers
Bumper stickers are a many-splendored thing. From individual expression (and sometimes shock value) to building connection and consensus, bumper stickers are a versatile tool in the mix. They also are a great vehicle to commemorate a person or occasion, spur contributions to an organization or cause, and show solidarity around an issue.

An article in Alabama’s Anniston Star addresses the individual expression appeal going back a half-century: “During the ’60s, the bumper sticker became a vehicle for social protest, and they were used by both the left and the right to advance a message that was short, crisp and catchy. ‘Make love not war’ was popular at one end of the spectrum. ‘Beautify America, get a haircut’ expressed the attitude at the other…insult is common currency in the bumper-sticker world. ‘I had a lot to drink and you still don’t look good.’…A good bumper sticker will make you think.”

Discount Labels can make it happen
Regardless of the reason or inspiration for bumper stickers, Discount Labels can get it done fast and affordably. We offer permanent or removable adhesive, a variety of shapes and sizes to meet a wide range of needs, weather-resistant materials, and full-color CMYK printing.

Here to help,

VP of Operations

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