Health and Beauty products: Joy of quality versus quantity

Typically, boutique health and beauty product manufacturers own an advantage over their mass-quantity counterparts: ability to concentrate on label quality given that they’re not printing gazillions of them as economically as possible. Enticing your customers to spend a bit more to achieve stellar label look and function in such areas as lotions, makeup, candles, vitamins and organics is time well spent.

Premium/foil label substrates and effects—let’s not forget embossed labels—can showcase product quality and allure in ways that attract and reassure consumers. And, of course, weatherproofing is a must labels subject to any degree of moisture, environmental wear and tear or repeated handling. A wonderful product with a fading, peeling label definitely sends the wrong message.

Bottom line: When it comes to health and beauty, labels that differentiate, impress and stay pristine even after months of usage can well make the difference between success and so-so.

It’s springtime, the time of birth and rebirth. It’s a great time to get your customers and prospects thinking about health and beauty branding or rebranding. Here are a few conversation-starters:

  • Get in shape. Check out many possibilities, including rectangle (including round-corner), circle, oval, and custom shapes.
  • Impressive inks/printing. Even in this day where choice reigns supreme, customers and prospects tend to get hung up in one of three places—adhering to convention, resistance to change, or getting overwhelmed with too many choices. This is where you can engage them by presenting sample work featuring different combinations of spot color, process color, and such effects as foil imprinting and embossing.
  • Get materialistic. As part of the overall discussion, add some additional pizazz by adding some different label substrate options into the mix. Mixed and matched with inks, effects and label shapes, the choice of label material can solidify the overall dynamic look…and function. Choices include White BOPP, White Litho, White Gloss, Silver Foil, Clear Polypropylene, Natural Kraft and Removable.
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