Heating Things Up!

Discount Labels now offers Stock High-performance Blank Thermal Labels available to you in full-case quantities for convenience. They are available in direct thermal and thermal transfer label options with permanent adhesive on rolls or fanfold. Warm up your customers to the idea of stocking these two new thermal labels!

Direct thermal labels, where heat is applied to heat-sensitive paper, work well for warehouse applications and shipping needs. Non-top coated direct thermal labels enable high scan rates and increased printing speeds. With direct thermal labels, no toners or ribbons are needed — suitable for a wide variety of thermal printers.

Blank thermal transfer labels (and accompanying ribbons) work particularly well for consecutive barcode and consecutive number label printing. Using a ribbon to transfer an image via heated wax and resin onto the label, these are smudge and fade resistant. Ribbons are compatible with most popular printer models and include Discount Label’s Clean Start® feature, which makes printhead maintenance hassle-free.

Help Your Customers Understand the Benefits of Thermal Labels

This new offering expands your ability to work with Discount Labels for all label needs, ranging from high-end custom to stock and blank labels. For customers not already informed about thermal labels (or other digital printing capabilities), offering uses of both direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels can yield valuable results. For those already using or knowledgeable about thermal labels, letting them know about your new offerings can get them thinking about upcoming ordering needs.

It’s also a way to get customers looking at the Discount Label’s 2018 Catalog. Thermal labels accompany an expanded line of AnyShape® labels as two primary New Year additions. You can use this new product as a way to get them browsing. Then, the conversation can take a variety of turns depending on customer or prospect stated preferences, interests, or questions. This expands your value and profile as a trusted partner dedicated to continually offering new benefits to customers.

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