Make big health and beauty impact with small investment

Enhancing the appeal, recognition and memorability of health and beauty products often comes down to the “timeless touches” that can easily get overlooked amid big-picture branding.

Your customers in both online and brick-and-mortar health and beauty businesses can rev up revenues from creative use of promotional products, decals, business cards, static clings, magnets…and more. To get their attention (and their orders), try:

  1. Moving ‘em with static clings. If, attached to every health and beauty product package, there was a static cling allowing the recipient to write in a reorder or expiration date and then affix the cling to something they look at often (e.g., bathroom mirror or refrigerator), the product can stay on their minds. This idea also works for appointment reminders and other time-sensitive issues related to health and beauty products and services. Static clings and/or repositionable/removable decals also can prove highly useful for brick-and-mortar customers—serving as an easy, low-cost way to change out window, wall and counter displays.
  2. Magnetizing ‘em. Get people to gravitate to health and beauty branded magnets. Magnets can serve for your customers as an omnipresent branding tool carrying some clever, entertaining messaging—particularly if it lives on the fridge.
  3. Suggesting a scratch-off contest. Include a scratch-off sticker with the product or package itself, and develop creative rewards for lucky recipients. Product giveaways or a purchase discount excite buyers and keep them coming back for more.

Get your customers interested. We’ll do the rest.

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