Our new Domino N610i: up and running, running, and running

As America’s largest trade-only quick-turn label printer, Discount Labels already handles up to 1,600 unique print jobs per day in its New Albany, Indiana facility. That capacity has just been increased many-fold.

On June 25, we “went live” with the newest addition to our workhorse stable, a Domino N610i digital UV label press. And it is beyond amazing, even to us!

The N610i is a 7-color digital label printer from Domino Digital Printing Solutions. Mike Gore, Discount Labels’ VP of Operations, says, “The Domino N 610i Digital UV Label Press is a major investment in our digital fleet, bringing us to a total of ten digital presses, which already includes three other Domino models. With the N610i, we can run faster and wider than ever before.”

Bottom line? Our new N610i helps you offer your customers even more options, faster and more cost-effectively, than ever before. 

Indeed, the Domino N610i performs better than traditional flexo presses in virtually every way. Quality, variation opportunities, accuracy and consistency: it’s got it all. Let’s take a look at some of the N610i’s features, and what they mean for you and your sales. 

Our new Domino N610i delivers:

  1. Superior print quality at near-flexo press 
  2. 7 vibrant, UV ink colors for pretty much every color a designer can imagine
  3. 600 x 600 native (to 600 x 1200 interpolated) dpi resolution for finer detail
  4. The ability to clearly print finer text down to 2 points
  5. UV-curable inks for optimal fade and scratch-resistance
  6. Ability to print on a wide variety of materials and substrates
  7. A super-high-opacity white that allows for higher-quality printing on clear labels, and “whiter” whites overall
  8. Near-perfect color consistency and repeatability
  9. Finer detail, including the capability to produce smoother vignettes
  10. Jobs like 2D or multiple-SKU labels, with more-complex and even completely unique designs
  11. Up to 246 frames per minute (much faster than flexo presses)
  12. Labels of up to 13” wide

Food and beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive, industrial, health and safety, security, consumer goods, personal care products – the Domino N610i is already proving that it dominates in label printing for all markets. Let us show you what it can do for you!

Almost every color in the Pantone rainbow: from one press

In addition to blazing speed, the N610i uses the most advanced technology to reproduce almost 90% of the colors in the Pantone range. A product demonstration shows how you can literally print the entire Pantone book on a single press IN ONE PASS. That’s almost 1,700 colors in a single run. Imagine the possibilities this can create for your customers!

The fine(r) print

One of the features that wowed us is the N610i’s ability to print details clearly and crisply. In the case of text, it can reproduce readable font sizes as small as 2 points. For pharmaceutical, chemical and food-product labeling, this capability is huge.

Consistency and repeatability

Got a short-run of 100 different SKUs that needs to be reprinted quarterly? The accuracy of the N610i from run to run will delight you and your customers. The ink control is just that fine, and that consistent, from job to job.

Technology and staff investments: we’re on a roll

Gore also notes that the new Domino N610i complements Discount Labels’ recent purchase of another ABG FAST Track Digicon Series 3 finisher – of the 1,000 Digicons in operation, Discount Labels now owns 7. That’s the largest number under one roof in the US. The Digicon Series 3 offers cold-foil stamping, varnishing, stack finishing, laminating, and perforating.

Indeed, in the past year Discount Labels has been making near-unprecedented investments in technology and people. We’ve dramatically expanded our sales, support, and service staff, and are working on new ways to not only serve you, but to help you grow. We’ve streamlined our e-commerce and ordering systems to make your job easier. We’ve invested millions in technology, creating the capacity to handle any job faster, more cleanly, and more cost-effectively. In 2017, Discount Labels handled.

293,000 orders for a total of 2.3 billions labels. We’re ready to help you with what you need, and to astonish you with the quality of the product your customers receive.

“We’ve made major investments in technology this past year,” says Gore, “and we’re already helping customers see returns on their decision to invest their trust with us.”

As always, thank you for working with Discount Labels, and we’re looking forward to the time when you take our new Domino N610i out for a spin!

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