Quick-ship labels pave the way for easy sales with high profits

When you think “quick ship,” what comes to mind? A speedy ocean liner? A nimble, fast space craft? Same-day delivery via drones?

Discount Labels’ current quick-ship label special offer—15% off the top—also is in the mix as an easy sale with high profits for you. Unlike the other three quick-ship examples, which carry their risks as well as rewards, there’s only upside to this high-margin quick-ship program. Let us count the Top 10 ways:

  • 24-hour turnaround. Whether it’s a last-minute challenge or an oversight, one day is all it takes to seal the deal.
  • You become and/or cement your status as a reliable go-to provider when the going gets tough, and time gets short.
  • The 15% discount applies to a wide variety of label shapes and sizes, including die-cut, circle, oval and seal, square-cut, special-shape and AnyShape® labels.
  • Spot color is included, with one, two and three-color options.
  • Pair colors, shape, and stocks. There are many stock choices with the quick-ship program, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a free sample pack or to discuss options (800-995-9500 or [email protected]).
  • Sets the stage for repeat orders. Once familiar with this opportunity, your customers will be back for more…and more…and more.
  • High margins for you while still giving your customers a great deal on a high-quality product. This makes all of us Partners in Profits.
  • Print small or tall, up to 10,000 quantity. With our built-in scalability tied to proportional pricing, even customers with small orders can celebrate savings.
  • Speedy quotes, orders and service all rolled into one. This keeps it simple for you, and satisfying for your customers.
  • Made in the USA with heartland commitment to value, customer satisfaction, and high quality. This has become especially important at a time where concern about foreign-made quality is top-of-mind for many of us.

“We constantly hear about small business survivors beset by big rules and bureaucracy. For a half-century, we’ve supported small business, so any time we can cut entrepreneurs a break, we’re going to do it,” notes Mike Gore, Discount Labels VP Operations. “In many cases, it’s our resellers. In many more cases, it’s our resellers’ customers. It’s one small way we can say ‘thank you’.”

He adds, “For anyone wanting quotes, information or conversation about the best approaches to a particular challenge, our door is always open.”

Contact Discount Labels via the web (www.discountlabels.com), email ([email protected]), or phone (800-995-9500).

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