Service industries blooming in spring

April showers will not only bring May flowers, but an exploding demand for service industries who are connected to the outdoors in some form or fashion.

Consider customers and prospects most in need of outdoor-related labels and the like. What businesses are picking back up in the spring? Think home improvement, lawn care, real estate, law firms, financial institutions and any domestic service companies.

Two prominent label categories that they’ll need most with the coming of warm weather are weatherproof and promotional labels. And remember, the best way to plant the seed of a good selling idea within a service industry business is by offering specific label solutions.

HVAC companies certainly will require service-related labels for the units they maintain, which means a weatherproof label selling opportunity. Provide promotional labels such as business cards or magnets to local lawn care businesses to ensure they snag up as many lawns as possible for the upcoming mowing season. Maybe the same lawn care business needs weatherproof labels for their outdoor equipment. Pool companies will be back in full swing soon, as well. So many label selling opportunities!

With so much to consider, the choices can feel overwhelming. Here’s an easy and relatively relaxing way to maximize proactivity:

  • Go through your customer list and prioritize where, how and when to reach out based on historical data;
  • Select one or more new categories of business you’d like to grow, both with existing customers and prospects—and make some inquiries.

There’s no shortage of ways to develop new revenues—just a challenge about where to focus. Get clear…and get selling!

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