Top Tips to Make Labels Pop

Expand business relationships with well-timed helpful advice and insights that establish you as a trusted advisor with your customers.

Strategically suggest ways that your customers can improve label appearance and appeal. Obviously, finesse this when the time seems right because you don’t want to come across as condescending or critical. However, when handled appropriately, this can substantially solidify your business relationships and grow your profits.

If customers bring up something, great! Otherwise, politely suggest that the next time rebranding or repositioning comes up for consideration, you’d be happy to offer recommendations. (You may discover that this actually spurs the discussion even when there are no imminent changes planned.)

Here are some design tips to address when the time seems right:

  1. Make it readable. One of the biggest beefs consumers have with product labels is tiny type that’s virtually impossible to read. In some cases, regulations and required disclosures practically mandate this; but in others, there may be room to grow.
  2. Keep white space plentiful. Nowhere is it written that you have to cram in as much content and as many graphics as the space will allow. Especially now, when we’re bombarded with so much info and so many images everywhere we turn, simple and clean can be much more memorable.
  3. Ensure images are legal. Because it’s so easy to pluck images from digital platforms, people sometimes forget about legalities. A pretty picture can prove pretty awful when it’s used without proper licensing. When possible, create original art. Besides being legal, it can set labels apart from the rest of the crowd using stock imagery.
  4. Default to high-resolution. Digital image-plucking has created another unfortunate consequence—artwork that won’t reproduce well in a print environment. Grainy, fuzzy, off-color images are likely to turn off consumers, especially when compared to high-res professional labels.
  5. Consider the “wow” factor. Label options have gotten much more complex—with all types of varnishes, foils, holographics, screens, and transparencies. Artwork that optimizes appearance can be much harder to create. This makes the case for promoting these slick, high-end effects in tandem with high-end design.

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