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Sales Sheets and Brochures

Keep labels top-of-mind with customers with these FREE unbranded product and market specific materials designed to drive sales.

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Political Products Brochure

Be ready for the Political Season with political labels, magnets, postcards, business cards and bumper stickers! Customize the brochure with your logo and contact info.

COVID-19 Vaccination Sticker Order Form

COVID-19 Vaccination Sticker Order Form. Three 2" circle designs to choose from. In stock and ready to ship!

Industrial Labels

Durable labels to support service trades automotive, manufacturing and more.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Door and window signs, business cards, #stopthespread floor graphics and more to help communicate special rates, messages and product information in every bank branch.

Face Mask Required Wall and Door Signs

Communicate CDC Guidelines to help #stopthespread by offering Face Mask Required signs. Printed on durable vinyl and available in red, blue and black.

2023 Label Catalog

Download and browse the 2023 Label Catalog.

Custom Printed Tape Specs and Art Guidelines

Art guidelines and products specs for our Poly and Kraft Custom Tape line.

Sauce Labels

Spice up your sauce with the perfect label. Consider an AnyShape label for added impact!

StoptheSpread Table Tents and Wall Signs

Customize a table tent or wall sign to help communicate healthy habits and social distancing. Four styles to choose from.

Hotel and Hospitality #StoptheSpread Labels

Help promote social distancing and a clean environment with stock and custom floor graphics, sanitization labels and hygiene reminder labels.

Reopen America Essential Labels

Stock and Custom products businesses need as they reopen across America! Food Freshness Seals, Floor Graphics, Barricade Banner, Hygiene Reminder Labels and more!

Customer Success Story - More than Facebook Friends

Discount Labels helps a West Coast printer maintain a great relationship with the world’s biggest social media concern.

Sustainability - Eco Friendly Plant

We strive to make our plant eco-friendly. Download the article to learn more about the work we're doing to help protect the environment.

StoptheSpread Stock Floor Graphics!

Stock #StoptheSpread floor graphics are must have tools for every essential business to help prevent the spread of germs and keep a healthy social distance. Available in English and Spanish.

Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant Product Labels

Help promote a germ free environment with labels for Disinfectants, Cleaning Products and Hand Sanitizer.

Remote Office Repositionable Signs

Stock repositionable signs such as Work in Progress, Don't Knock and Shhh Mommy's Working are essential tools for every home office.

Craft Beer

Ensure Craft Beer Labels stand out on the shelf by using high quality labels with the right stock and finish. Durable labels with tactile and soft touch varnish, foil and embossing give Craft Beer products the premium look they deserve.

GROW Sales with Cannabis Labels

The Cannabis market is rapidly expanding as more and more states legalize medicinal and recreational use. Learn how labels play a vital role in sales!

Cannabis Labels

Cannabis is a hot market for labels. Premium packaging labels to consecutive number and barcode labels, all manufacturers in this unique market need labels! Contact us today for a quote.

Craft Beer - Brewing Up Big Sales

Craft Beer labeling best practices - How labels help brew fly off the shelf!

Stock Healthy Hygiene Labels

Affordable Stock Labels to Promote Healthy Hygiene to Combat the Spread Of Germs.

Wine and Spirits Premium Labels

Raise your product to the next level premium labels, including foil and embossing. The special effects of these labels give your products the upscale look they deserves. Add dimension and style to your products today.

Fonts, Color and Design Take Labels from Good to GREAT!

Literally, our Electronic Art and prepress specialists have seen every kind of label project, and know hundreds of ways to help you make your customers’ label projects easier, faster, and altogether better. Which means “easy-peasy” printing, happy customers and repeat or new referral business for you. So let’s look at some ways to make your clients say “Great!” not just sometimes, but every time.

Food and Beverage

From product labels, extended content labels, and printed tape to instant redeemable coupon labels, we have the right solution for food and beverage products. We also have experience meeting regulatory requirements!

Vertical Market Selling Guide

Download this quick guide with tips on selling to multiple industry verticals.

Custom Vinyl Decals

Premask custom vinyl decals commonly used to promote products, services, or to show your support for sports teams, players, loved ones, or a cause.

Automotive Label Products

There are many label opportunities with both auto manufacturers, dealerships and service centers. From bumper stickers to window decals to asset tags, we can provide the best product to meet your customers' needs.

Asset Tags

Protect your equipment and products with asset tags. 7 options to choose from!

Control Panel Overlays

Control Panel Overlays are a great solution for electronic equipment where the controls need to be cleaned regularly.

Education and Athletics

Your best source for custom labels and promotional materials educators need to start off the school year. View our education and athletics solutions from spirit sheets, bookmarks, magnets and more.

Healthcare Products

We carry a large selection of products for your promotional and administrative needs. Ask for a quote today.

E-Vapor Products

Sell professional labels to your growing E-Liquid, E-Juice, E-Cig and E-Vapor markets to help your customers' brand stand out.

Stone Paper Stock

Stone Paper is an environmentally friendly label stock made of 80% calcium carbonate. A sustainable, “rock” solid label choice that's durable and water resistant.

Manufacturing Labels

From OSHA required labels for hazardous chemicals to asset tags for equipment, Prop 65 and UL labels, we are authorized to print it. Contact us today for a quote.

Soft Touch Lamination

This peachy feel lamination provides a soft touch and matte finish that is water and chemical resistant. The ideal label solution when you need to enhance the look and feel of your label and boost customer engagement.

Plastic Hang Tags

Durable plastic hang tags are a great solution for parking passes, do not disturb door hangers and promotional messages. Available with and without numbering.

Restaurant Label Products

Menus, coupon cards, table signage, magnets and more! Check out all the possibilities available to restaurants you may have not considered before!

Custom Printed Tape

Brand your packages with custom printed tape. Brand awareness, theft protection and safety handling instructions are some of the benefits. Available in Poly and Reinforced Kraft.

Retail Products

Brand your packages with custom labels. Promote your products and enhance your brand's image with every package you ship. We customize everything you need to label and brand your packages.

Pizza Labels and Magnets

Everything you need to promote a pizzeria. From box labels to frequent buyer cards, refrigerator magnets, repositionable menus and more. We can do it all!

Domed Decals

Domed Decals are a great way to promote a brand or product with a 3D look. Durable with a UV and scratch resistant polyurethane finish, they are built for indoor and outdoor use.

Quick Ship Labels

Need it Really Fast? We offer the fastest turnaround on a wide variety of 1 and 2 color custom labels.

Political Campaign Products

Get your message noticed with custom political campaign supplies. It's never to early to prepare for a successful political campaign.

Any Shape Custom Labels

Get total creative freedom with custom-shaped labels. Imagine the possibilities with Anyshape labels, the ultimate custom label.

Durable Labels and Decals

Get the durable labels you need to withstand harsh weather conditions, excessive handling or ability to chemical solvents. View extended-life durable labels, reflective labels, automotive/bumper stickers and weatherproof labels.

Premium Labels

Raise your product to the next level with premium labels. Consider foil and embossing to provide that special effect and give your product an upscale look. Watch products fly of the shelf as they are sure to stand out!

Specialty Labels

Scratch offs, scratch and sniff and many other specialty label offerings for you to choose from.

Repositionable Labels

Excellent to promote your team, business or fundraiser. Great on stainless steel appliances, tables, laptops and smartphones or use as a virtual magnet. Remove and reposition many times without leaving a residue!!

Variable Data / Consecutive Number Labels

Keep track of everything with consecutive number, consecutive barcode or variable data & image labels. Perfect for shipping companies, hospitals, automotive and electronics industries. We can help you from simple to sophisticated tracking and tracing needs.

Barricade Banner

Help control crowds and promote Social Distancing with Barricade Banner. We offer quick turnaround times and competitive pricing. Available in white, orange and yellow with red or black imprint.

Spirit Sheets

Excellent to promote your team, business or fundraiser. Great on stainless steel appliances, tables, laptops and smartphones or use as a virtual magnet.

Scratch and Sniff Labels

Scratch and Sniff labels deliver your message in a powerful way! However you want to stand out and promote your business, from simple, one-color labels, to durable decals, we can add the perfect scent for scent-sational impact!

UL Labels

We offer Underwriters Laboratory approved full-color labels on a variety of high-performance durable stocks for indoor and outdoor applications.